Twake - Collaborative secure plateform

Technical team

The code does not wait, you need the right tools!

Centralize the tools of your team
By using Twake, you centralize the life of your team on a single tool.No need to deploy 5 different tools Twake covers all your needs via a single platform and a single account.

Plan your work
Organize your work via the task manager and the calendar.On Twake, both are intimately linked.Going to see your calendar, you have a clear vision of your deadlines.

Share your tools
Twake works like your desktop, you import all the tools you love, they will be shared with your entire team and you can work on them without leaving your team on Twake.

Agile methods

Follow the agile methods you want by scheduling tasks and distributing them with your colleagues You can specify a time for the task, deadlines to follow Sub-tasks are available if you need a progress percentage tells you where you are in your projects

Calendar view

View the distribution of the work in the calendar, you will see the dates and the deadlines of each task of your team.You have a view on the moments still available.


Chat with your team, plan your future developments, all on organized news channels, you can even send gifs;)

Versionning of files

Make several versions of your mockups or documentation files and make them available to your team.Your successive versions are saved.You keep the change history of your files.