Twake - Collaborative secure plateform


No time for the useless! Twake saves your time

Centralize the tools of your startup
By using Twake, you centralize the life of your startup on a single tool.No need to deploy 5 different tools Twake covers all your needs via a single platform and a single account.

Use Twake with your partners
Invite your working partners (incubator, business partners, ...) to a dedicated workspace for better exchanges

Divide your teams into workspace
Create a workspace for each cluster / team in your startup, such as a space for marketing and a space for IT development.

Organize your teams

Create a space for each team to better structure your teams Each space contains its own applications and its own information (files, messages, ...).

Communicate easily

Communicate with your colleagues easily No need for email or Skype Keep your discussions organized by topic through the channels of discussion

Share your documents

Share files securely with your collaborators - they will be accessible by your team anywhere in the world Use labels to indicate information about your documents and be able to filter them easily. your files are encrypted by the latest encryption algorithms (AES-256-cbc)


Use the agenda application to organize the team's global schedule Create different calendars, add events and share them with your collaborators You can import your calendar, google, outlook and export the Twake calendars

Task Manager

The Tasks application allows you to create and manage Todo-lists shared with your teams Create tasks, assign them to the people concerned and add information: deadline, labels, additional information, and descriptions