Twake - Collaborative secure plateform

Sales team

Increase productivity and sign more customers

Centralize the tools of your team
Using Twake, you centralize the life of your team on a single tool, no need to deploy 5 different tools Twake covers all your needs via a single platform and a single account.

Share with your client
You can simply share a file or folder from your drive with a client with a link, send him an email with the link to your file so that he has access to the latest version.

Exchange with your client
Invite your client to a call is very simple.Generate a video conference link and he can exchange with you via a browser without the need to create an account on Twake.

Communicate easily

Exchange with your team on sales issues Organize your discussions by topic via the channels.

Share your documents

Your storage space collects all of your sales documents, so you can easily share with a customer, quote or contract by generating a share link, so your customer will always have the latest version of document.

Plan your appointments

Schedule appointments with your customers, create a video conferencing link directly for your client, and they can exchange with you easily without having to create an account.

Organize your team

Organize with your team via Kanban boards Distribute the customers and track their progress Link your business documents to tasks to better find your information.