Twake - Collaborative secure plateform

Inter-company project

Increase fluidity during an inter-company project

Deploy Twake in minutes
Twake is an all-in-one platform that covers all of your collaborative project needs, so you only have one tool to offer to your partners. setting up.

Centralize the tools of your project
By using Twake, you centralize the life of your team on a single tool.You have only one platform to monitor to manage your project.

Fluidify the exchange of information
Talk in real time with the team of your project to limit the use of time-consuming e-mails, pass on your information instantly to your entire team.

Communicate easily

Communicate with colleagues easily Do not send emails to your employees, contact them quickly via email You can organize your conversations according to the topics of conversation through discussion channels.

Call easily

Easily call your partners and make video conferences with your entire team directly on Twake, make a call from a chat channel and make your meetings on Twake.

Share your files

Safely share files with your collaborators - they will be accessible by project members around the world Use labels to indicate information about your documents and filter them easily.

Plan events

Use the calendar application to organize the team's overall schedule Create different events and share them with your collaborators You can easily export Twake calendars.

Organize the project

The Tasks application allows you to create and manage shared Todo-lists with your eqIUCW. Create tasks, assign them to the people involved, and add information: deadlines, labels, additional information, and descriptions.