Twake - Collaborative secure plateform

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Every day we add features that make Twake even better,

Real time
Discuss in real time with your teams Centralize all your discussions in professional and complete email
Discussion channel
Each workspace has its own discussion channels Organize your conversations on topics in dedicated channels
View images, documents, links at a glance
Private chat
Do you have a question for a colleague? No mail, talk directly with him in a private discussion
File Sharing
Share your files with your colleagues easily in a discussion
Limit the use of internal emails that waste you time.Transfer your information instantly to your entire team
Message response
A member of your team asked a question, answer him and put the answer in his question for a better visibility of the information
A discussion will be debated? Create a topic in your channel.After a decision has been made, close the topic and only the title of the discussion and the conclusion will be displayed for better readability
Call your entire team with the videoconference directly on Twake
Find messages thanks to a complete and ultra-fast search
Highlight messages with important information
Powerful filters help you easily search your files, topics and links in one click
Storage space
Find a file thanks to the fast and efficient search for Twake
File Labels
Add labels to your files to add information for your colleagues
Store your files and documents on the storage space to instantly share them to your team
Filter your documents thanks to the system of labels and type of files
Recycle bin
Do not delete your files by mistake, a trash is present on Twake to avoid mishandling
Your files are available worldwide Change your computer is no longer an obstacle to work
Security at all locations Files are encrypted with the AES-256-cbc algorithm, one of the most secure in the world
Visualized all your documents, images, and videos from your storage space
Collaborative edition
Edit your documents directly on Twake without additional software
Word, excel, PowerPoint files in Microsoft Office or Libre Office format are editable
In team
Work with your team on the same document See real-time changes from your colleagues
Tracking changes
Follow the change history of your documents, you can tell which colleague is writing which paragraph
Directly on Twake
No need to download and edit your documents and then send them back to your colleagues - everything is done directly on Twake
Complete Suite
A complete collaborative office suite is at your disposal to work
Automatic backup
Take advantage of the automatic backup for the duration of your work.All or many, you always work on the latest version of the document
Panel de fonctionnalités
Enjoy a wide range of features for your documents - work with a set of advanced formatting tools
Task Manager
Organize your work around objectives Create task tables and organize them quickly with your team
Spread your Todo-List into tables for better organization
Arrange a deadline for your tasks and add them to your cards for reminders
Indicate all the useful information thanks to the description of the tasks
Place labels for your tasks for better visualization
Make links to files, events or video conference links easily
Understand quickly where you stand in your columns by having the percentage of progress and the time remaining to be done.
Assign tasks to members of your team to distribute the work