Twake - Collaborative secure plateform

What is Twake?

Discover the Twake platform


Structuring your projects with workspaces Create a space for each project to better segment your work and make it easier to process information Each space contains its own applications and information (files, messages, ...) Invite your team into a workspace and start collaborating with space applications


We make applications available on Twake, install the ones you want in your workspaces.Each application is independent between your workspaces.Your discussions, files, calendars are different between each workspace


Communicate with your colleagues, customers and suppliers easily. Do not send any more internal e-mails. Contact your employees quickly via Message. You can organize your e-mail according to the topics of conversation through channels of discussion

Storage Space

Share files securely with your collaborators - they will be accessible by your team anywhere in the world Use labels to indicate information about your documents and be able to filter them easily. your files are encrypted by the latest encryption algorithms (AES-256-cbc)


Easily call colleagues and video conference with your entire team directly on Twake, make a call from a chat channel and make your meetings on Twake


Use the agenda application to organize the team's global schedule Create different calendars, add events and share them with your collaborators You can import your calendar, google, outlook and export the Twake calendars

Task Manager

The Tasks application allows you to create and manage Todo-lists shared with your teams Create tasks, assign them to the people concerned and add information: deadline, labels, additional information, and descriptions


Edit all your Word, Excel, Powerpoint documents, directly on Twake thanks to the collaborative editors available.Work with your colleagues on the same file simultaneously